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 Vorname Nebutronic Wohnort
 Nachname Homepage
 Alter 21 Trinke gerne Alkohol
 Dabei seit 13.10.2008 Penner, weil War besoffen und hab in den Schnee gepisst
 Stadtteil St.Pauli
 Platzierung 402220.
der Bande Perversen_Penner
 Punkte 1000

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I remember tue day, i first heard electronic Musik

I knew back then, this illegal Computer Sound

Was gonna bei my call.

My heart got hooked on 4x4 Beats when house took ist journey wich

Jack, Chicago and Acid House.

Now my heart is hooked forever

I don´t care if it´s French-Tech, Hardstyle. Hardcore, Oldschool ob Jump.

I don´t understand people who satisfy with ordinary pop music.They just listen to whatever radio stations decide the should like, followd by an overkill of ringtone commercial made for kids, and my god the like it.

Some people even think that house club´s for weird ones only. Maybe they are right, maybe we are weird, maybe the musik is weird and maybe the clubs are overrated.

But we´re in this together.

If your´re winning the scene, being a DJ is the natural path to follow And back in the days. DJ´s were weird people who like music in a weird wayBack then you´ll have to be a nerd to become a DJ
Now the days everybody wants to be a DJ.

Now the days every body wants to be that nerd.

It sickens me, I hate those smart asses, who think DJ is an easy way to get laid.

Well, get a life!
If you are not in it for the love of the music.
Would you please fuck off!!

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  • Ein Elefant ist schön und gut - ab heute schaut die Pennerwelt auf dich! Dein Eisbär vereint die Durchschlagskraft eines Panzers und den Mitleidsfaktor von Knut und Flocke!

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